Port Forwarding to a different segment

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Port Forwarding to a different segment

Hi All,

I've got the latest version of Voxel in a Netgear R9000 X1.

In my house I've two networks one a GB network and a 10GB network.

The GB network is on 192.168.0.* range.

The !0GB network is on 10.0.*.* range.

I'm using the 10GB for two workstations, NAS, Iscsi and remote Backups.

For every thing else I use the GB network. The router is on the GB network.

There's a 10 GB connection between the netgear to a 10 GB microtik switch.

I would like to define a firewall rule on a couple ports from the router to the 10 GB ports on my NAS.

From the UI on the port forward pages I can see the 10 GB machines on the 10.0.*.* subnet however I'm not ale to define a forward rule.

Can this be done from the command line ?


Luis Meira