Can R9000 support full gigabit Internet?

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Can R9000 support full gigabit Internet?

Can R9000 support full gigabit Internet? Using Kong? Or Advanced Tomato could be a better choice?

I just recently upgraded my Xfinity Internet from 300mbps to 1000mbps. I had to upgrade to a DOCSIS 3.1 modem, then found out my R7000 with kong DD-WRT is giving me no more than 500mbps. Switching back to stock firmware help a bit but still no 1000mbps. Then I switched to the Surfboard SBG8300 modem router combo that can do 10000 but found out it cannot disable the DHCP on the LAN side, DDNS doesn't have support and can't do PAT. Now I have yet another modem (Arris S33) + my old R7000.  Now I am looking for a router that can do 1000mbps and run DD-WRT or Advanced Tomato. R9000?

I opened a can of worm by upgrading to 1000mbps. Sigh.

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I have the NETGEAR x10r9000

I have the NETGEAR x10r9000 router & the CM1000 cable modem on Xfinity Internet and get a consistant 945mbps down/42mbps up.  This solution has been in place for two years with no problems.  I use NORDvpn which drops the internet perfromance down to 600mbps down/35mbps up.  The performance was measured using TCPSpeed against a distant Xfinity node, on an hp Omen with 1Gb ethernet NIC and an 802.3AC WiFi adapter