Flashing Modified XR700 Firmware Onto R9000

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Flashing Modified XR700 Firmware Onto R9000

Hello I know this topic was covered in earler post but I just want to see if there are any updates to this situation. I have R9000 that I am not really doing too much with and would love to have duma os on here. I have the R1 and the firmware is great but the hardware is severly lacking. If someone could modify XR7000 firmware to work on the R9000 myself and many other R9000 owners would be greatfull. I know this type of modification has been done on other router models with sucess so other then if there are hardware diffrences other then ram size and header size I do not see why this would not work. If I had the knowlage to do this, then I would have done it my self but unofruntle, im a horiable coder lol.



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Woahhh I never new about

Woahhh I never new about DumaOS but after reading about it this would be super cool on the R9000!

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I am also having R9000 and I

I am also having R9000 and I am using it for a last few months. Initially I find some difficulties, an error 0x80248007 is getting everytime when I go for router configaration. I have windows laptop but now it is working well, without showing any error message.