Flashing XR700 firmware to R9000 possible?

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Flashing XR700 firmware to R9000 possible?

Hey Peeps i have a question.  The new XR700 seems to be out and it looks to be a rebadge R9000.  Does anyone know if you could flash XR700 firmware to a R9000.?   Wouldn't mind having Duma OS for gaming..  :)

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It is certainly faisible,

It is certainly faisible, apparently some could convert an R7800 to an XR500 and back.

Maybe @XVortex can help propose the two "migration" firmwares as he could do it with XR500/R7800

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That would be soooo awesome

That would be soooo awesome if he would!   

Hello XVORTEX..   if you could  Pleeeese,  would love to see a X10 to XR700 firmware..  

add netduma the r9000 tell

add netduma the R9000 tell netgear,netduma

and voxel.


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nothing but buyers remorst

nothing but buyers remorst after buying R9000. The promise Dumaos was only thing I was looking forward too. 


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DumaOS is garbade. Seemingly

DumaOS is garbade. Seemingly abandoned. Barely runs. The latest XR700 (.20) release barely runs with half the apps failing to load. Last update was over a year ago.

I wish I hadn't bought it. I will likely be switching routers unless DD-WRT can help me have more control.

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What about the XR1000 fw to

What about the XR1000 fw to the R9000?