Locked out of R9000 after username and password Change

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Locked out of R9000 after username and password Change


  I have a R9000 running Kong's latest version and Nordvpn.  In an effort to make the router more secure I changed the router user name and password from the defaults.  After applying changes I am no longer able to login.  The new user name will propagate into the user name, which suggest the changes took, but wont accept the new password (I did write it down and of course had to enter it twice to change it).  After several attempts I get the following message: Authorization required.  Please note that the default user name is "root" on all newer releases.  Couple of questions, 

1.  The new password I set started with an *,  could that cause a problem.  Reason I ask is i was also trying to install Mcafee Virus Protection software through my internet provider and when I went to create a password for Mcafee I tried using the same password that started with the * and it would not allow it.

2.  If I attempt a 30/30/30 reset, will it erase all of my vpn settings?

3. Will the 30/30/30 reset maintain the ddwrt install or will it revert to stock firmware?

4. If maintaining ddwrt, what will the default user name and password be.

Thanks for your help.