Nighthawk RAX200

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Nighthawk RAX200

Sorry, I could not find any forum for the Nighthawk RAX200.

Can any one help me to install a DD-WRT on this router? I bought it recently and I wold like to have my VPN app installed in it, but I dont find any firmware for it yet. Any idea when can we expect such firmware?




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I could not locate DD-wrt / Tomato /open WRT ready made image. Netgear have released GPL source code (900MB file).  which you can build openwrt from.

From what I have experienced with top of the range expensive routers do not seem to get support from the Opensource developers, the response has been,not enough demand and too time consuming etc. I have ended up paying a developer in India to help me with my R9000. 








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thank you for your response.

thank you for your response. How did you get tothis developer? Do you have his contact to share? I am not an expert at all on this matter.


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Hey I’m interested in getting

Hey I’m interested in getting one made for my Orbi cbr40 and ax3000 how did you find a person to make one for you ?

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I think the R8000 firmware

I think the R8000 firmware might be compatable with the ax4200 (my router) but I am unsure on how to go about verifying this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.