Purchason R9000 - A couple of questions

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Purchason R9000 - A couple of questions



I have a couple of questions before I purchase the R9000. I see I can get it for $265 on Amazon and that's probably the lowest I will find...next to searching on eBay for a used one.


1. I have a Comcast Cisco DPC3941B modem/gw/router and would of course be disabling the WiFi and wanted to know if anyone has noticed a substantial difference in throughput via their smartphone or latop, etc. vs. their Comcast unit. I assume so, however, just looking for confirmation.

2. This isn't a buy/no buy issue, however, can this be used with my ExpressVPN account..either as is or with 3rd party FW ?

3. I am assuming the antennas are detachable and if that is the case has anyone tried using external antennas?

I am a ham radio operator and RF Engineer and built a small GasFET based multi-band RF amplifier covering each band used. The maximum ERP is ** 2 Watts PEP and would like to experiment with this. I just need detachable antennas to access the female SMA conhnector. I have short SMA to N connector cables and several small 8 element Yagi (very directional) antennas that woiuld allow me to focus the RF down the hallway through my place. I am at one end of my place and thats where my NOC/LAN is located, thus focusing RF down an open hallway 100' long would be sweet....just using one of the bands even.

** Yes. I am aware of the RF exposure and ERP of course. I am licensed to experiment and would like to with this. The yagi antennas I designed are high gain (~16-22dbi) so it should be a killer setup in a 100' long building.,

Tim Dickerson

Sandwich, IL AIrport
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I'm an R9000 user, so I will

I'm an R9000 user, so I will answer those that I can at least if it helps. :)


1. No idea as I do not have the analog to your device, but I have the latest Docsis 3.1 Gateway from Comcast, which is a decent modem for gigabit connections.. but as a router, my R9000 smokes it.

2. Unfortunately I cannot help much on this one as I use OpenVPN, which does work fine on DDWRT+Kong. I have not played with Voxel's 9k firmware yet, though I intend to drop it on a machine at some point to play with it.. but he is extremely responsive and I would not be surprised if there were some level of support there to get you on your way!

3. I am not sure how it will go over with the feds when you try to hack the WiFi on the International Spacestation with that setup, but I am sure it will involve at least a good cavity search or two... ;) My only comment on this item is that while they are under the housing what you would expect these are not your stadard coaxial unscrew we have all gotten used to. That being said I have had no need to increase my range so I have not even botherd getting under the hood, just know that there IS a hood to get under, likely nothing all that complicated though. :)