Router-based VPN

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Ron Lyster
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Router-based VPN

I'm looking for the best way to have my new Nighthawk X10 (R9000) use a commercial VPN tunnel for my entire LAN - all the time and seamlessly and without great risk in turning my router into a brick.  Suggestions?

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same question, same router. i

same question, same router. i've used voxel before on this router before without bricking it but my vpn setup only shows how to use tomato firmware. i'm not skilled in router stuff althout i use linux as my primary os so i'm very familiar with bash and open source. i only hesitate to experient because i don't want to brick a $450 router. 

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I've set up an OpenVPN client

I've set up an OpenVPN client on my R9000 and also on a couple of R7000's before that.  Private Internet Access is the VPN I've used and have had no problems doing exactly what you're trying to do.  I'm setting up a R7000P the same way now.  PIA publishes setup instructions for different versions of aftermarket router firmware on their website.  Here's a link to instructions using OpenVPN to connect to PIA on a DD-WRT based router:

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The page I linked includes

The page I linked includes more setup guides than just DD-WRTi.e., tomato, pfsense, asuswrt, etc.

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I am not 'router' literate,

I am not 'router' literate, lol. I would like to use a VPN on my Netgear11 R6400v2 router. From everything I've read, it may or may not be compatible to run a VPN without issue. Can someone tell me 1. IF I can use a VPN on my router and 2. exactly, step by step what I need to do and which VPN is compatible or will work best.