vpn problems

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vpn problems

I have a TPlink w9970 in modem mode which is connected to a Netgear R7000 with ddWRT r39960m firmware.
 I have a ipvanish subscription and have followed their instalation guide on their website

Setting up the R7000 as above will work but I keep on having the connection seeming to drop out when watching videos, sometimes it will play for a couple of minutes sometimes 10 minutes. The video sometimes restarts
but sometimes not. What I find strange is that the connection does not seem to have dropped in the sys log, is this like a cache type problem??

 I have tryed different servers and port 443 and 1194 from ipvanish, tryed different dns,tryed both TCP and UDP, tryed LZO compressions differnet options  Could anyone dirrect me in the right direction please as you can tell Im a noob to this and maybe Im missing something easy?


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Netflix may boot you /stall

Netflix may boot you /stall if your not using an obsfication VPN server with in the local country.


Try dropping down a firmware version...