WNDR4300v2/WNDR4500v3 correct u-boot source wanted

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WNDR4300v2/WNDR4500v3 correct u-boot source wanted

Hello all,

Could anyone provide me with hints as to how obtain access to proper u-boot source for Netgear WNDR4300v2 (and WNDR4500v3 as they share the same hardware) ? This is dual band NAND+NOR Flash model based on QCA9563 SoC.

All compressed sources from Netgear GPL webpage for these models (https://kb.netgear.com/2649/NETGEAR-Open-Source-Code-for-Programmers-GPL) contain u-boot.git directory but it's missing configuration specific for WNDR4300v2/4500v3, and generally look like from pre-qca956x era. I seriously doubt it was ever used to build bootloader for these routers.

Steps that failed for me so far:
0. NETGEAR Open Source Code for Programmers (GPL) - outdated sources.
1. E-mail address '[email protected]' rejects emails (reported by many other people too).
2. Netgear Community registration does not send validation emails, so no way to register and publish question there.
3. Netgear phone support recommends this very site :-)

Thanks in advance!