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Updated DD-WRT Builds for R6300v2, R6400, R7000, and R8000 Now Available

Attention MyOpenRouter fans: updated builds from Tathagata are now available for several of your favorite NETGEAR routers. Grab them here:

NETGEAR Nighthawk Router Wallpapers - For Serious Fans!

Are you a fan of the NETGEAR Nighthawk series of routers? If so, you definitely need to snag these awesome wallpapers for your tablet, desktop, or laptop.

These backgrounds are in full 1920x1080 HD resolution, and represent the Nighthawk, Nighthawk X4, and Nighthawk X6!

Get them in our downloads section!

How to Write an Article for MyOpenRouter

So, you've got the next great hacking tutorial for one of the new NETGEAR Nighthawks, huh? Or maybe you want to put together your opinions on a new NETGEAR extender into a community review? MyOpenRouter is the place, and we'd like to show you how easy it is to contribute.

When an Article Should Be Written

There's a right time and a wrong time to submit content as an article! (We know, too many rules, eh?) Your content will be most useful to the community it it's in the right spot. Here are some situations where you would NOT want to write an article:

Improving Network Wireless Range and Speeds

When using wireless networks, range and data throughput rates are highly variable. Poor range and throughput may be caused by a range of factors, but can usually be improved by the following :

Differences Between R6300 and R6200 V1 and V2 models

Have you been wondering what the differences between the V1 & V2 versions of the R6200 and R6300 models are?

Here is a quick cheat sheet that provides the specifications.

How to Set Up OpenVPN On Your Android Phone

Sticking with the theme of Internet security, I recently became interested in securing my mobile Internet connection with a VPN as well as my connection at home. Fortunately, most VPN providers are aware that users need multiple connections with a single account, and both providers I've tried personally allow for this. This means my connection to my VPN can be active at home, plus I can be out and about on a 4G mobile connection and still remain protected. Here's how to make it happen. You won't believe how easy it is.

How to Set Up a VPN on DD-WRT and Tomato (Also, Why You Need a VPN)

Privacy on the Internet was killed off for many -- if not most -- people a very long time ago. Virtually everything one does online can be tracked... and track they do, whether they tell you or not.

How to Switch from DD-WRT Firmware to Tomato Firmware on NETGEAR Routers (And Back Again)

Starting out fresh with an open source firmware from a stock NETGEAR router, such as the WNDR3800, WNDR4000, WNDR4500, WNR3500L or WNR3500Lv2 is usually pretty simple; most popular firmwares come with a pre-built (compiled) firmware file that is ready to install. These are in the .CHK file format, and can be uploaded to the router directly through the NETGEAR stock interface--see these instructions for more details.

What Do I Do If My Router Stops Working? 5 Basic Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Your Network

Practically anyone with a home network--no matter how big or small--has experienced the moment of doom when the Internet just. stops. working. The heart drops, the stomach flutters, and the spirit sinks as one realizes that all of the devices in their home have been left high and dry from the wonders of the 'net.

How to Use NETGEAR Live Parental Controls with OpenDNS

Whether you have kids or not, you're no doubt acutely aware of what a crazy, insane place the Internet can be--even for an adult. As such, many parents want to control, at least to some degree, what the eyes of the innocents in their households can and cannot access on the Internet.