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Quick Review and Specs: NETGEAR WNXR2000 Wireless Router with Built-In Powerline AV

The NETGEAR N300 Wireless Router + Built-in Powerline AV allows you to share your broadband connection with multiple computers and other devices throughout your entire home. It provides the convenience of wireless with Powerline for easy, reliable and secure network access from any electrical outlet. This all-in-one solution means simple setup and reduced clutter, while NETGEAR Live Parental Controls keep your Internet experience safe by blocking inappropriate content.

Setting up your NETGEAR WNR3500L Media/DLNA Server on Tomato Firmware

One of the great things about the latest Tomato firmware for the WNR3500L is how easy it to set up your router as a Media / DLNA Server.

If you are unfamiliar with what a Media / DLNA Server is, you can read more about how it works and then look into what devices offer the capabilities to play or render your content.

DD-WRT Kong Mod Info

NOTE: The info here is deprecated and only applies to my old K26 builds. Things have changed as I'm a member of the dd-wrt dev team now. I have merged all features into mainline dd-wrt. Current Kong builds are now regular dd-wrt builds, the only main difference is, that my releases are no regular snapshots. Every kong release receives testing before beeing published. Thus you can always be sure, that flashing has been tested and won't brick due to a software bug, which can happen on untested nightly dd-wrt builds.


How to Configure Windows Network Browsing in Tomato on NETGEAR WNR3500L

With Windows, browsing computers in the network can take a long time with serious delays before getting the computer lists. This especially happens in environments where there is not a server available which most of us have in our home scenarios.

If not aware of it the TomatoUSB firmware can fix this, and act as a server to speed up network browsing.

It can act as Master Browser.  What this means is that it all your computers on your LAN will refer to your WNR3500 to know which computers are currently available in the network. Since it your router is always on, it will keep the list perfectly updated.

How To Set Up miniDLNA in DD-WRT on NETGEAR WNR3500L

The NETGEAR WNR3500L is indeed a powerful router, and with the help of a special build of DD-WRT, you can serve up music, photos, and videos via the popular miniDLNA standard to computers in your network.  Sincere thanks go out to Kong, a devoted member of our community who has created the DD-WRT "Kong Mod."  This build includes miniDLNA compatibility, and is what we will be using to enable this feature.

Installation and Quick Review of OpenWRT Kamikaze 8.09.2 (BETA 05/2010)

In the open source firmware world, OpenWRT is well known for its expandability, stability, and long list of standard and additional features.  One can also enhance an OpenWRT install by way of installing additional packages to suit multiple usecases.  So, it's easy to see why advanced users looking to get more from their router would want to use OpenWRT - I'm going to show you how to get this version on your WNR3500L.

Step 1: Prepare Your Router

To start, download this release from the OpenWRT for WNR3500L download section.

How to Debrick Your NETGEAR WNR3500L Using Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

So you've gone and done it... you've bricked your WNR3500L.  Nothing sinks the spirits like constantly flashing lights and endless reboot loops.  However, don't lose hope or get frustrated - there's a solution to your woes, and it's called a serial console.

If you're familiar with Linux or have been a longtime Linux user, you're probably familiar with the concept.  However, I'm guessing that lots of people - first timers - will be trying out Ubuntu's newest release of Linux, dubbed Lucid Lynx.  If that describes you, and you're looking to recover your router on Ubuntu, you're in the right place.

How to Overclock the NETGEAR WGR614v8/L Wireless Router

I noticed we didn't have any articles with reference to overclocking this legacy router, so I decided to share this tip (credit goes to the modding/dd-wrt/tomato/openWrt etc. community).

First note however: Do this at your own risk!  This may damage your router.

The CPU clock frequency is by default set at 240MHz, it is my opinion that generally you are given a good headroom of 5-10% range without additional cooling.  For my situation, this would be 250MHz to 260MHz.

How To Use DD-WRT To Create Multiple SSID's on One Router (For Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Other Uses)

Several newer versions of DD-WRT, including many builds that we have available on the community, support the ability to set up virtual SSID's.

Having multiple SSID's with various encryption methods solves several problems that you may be having.  For example, what if you have a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP game system that does not properly support the newest forms of wireless encryption?  What if you want to let others in your home or office use your wireless connection, but don't want to expose your primary password?  Setting up separate SSID's can solve this problem, and it's much easier than you might think.

Upgrading to DD-WRT on NETGEAR WGR614L or WNR3500L: Demystified

So... you bought a WGR614L or WGR614v8 router, or perhaps the WNR3500 Version L, U or 2 router.  You've also been hearing a lot about this "firmware upgrade" and "DD-WRT" stuff but have no idea where to begin.

If you look around, you will see there are all kinds of firmware versions out there.  Once in a while, you'll hear about people have upgraded to the wrong thing and it "bricked" their router.  You hear that one firmware does one thing and another firmware does something different; some do it better while some others don't, and so on.  It can be confusing and even a bit intimidating.

Installation and Quick Review of Tomato 1.27.9045 BETA 10 Firmware for WNR3500L

The Tomato router firmware is well known in the open source community for being simple, lean, and full of useful features.  The newest builds of this firmware have a bandwidth monitor, advanced QOS and access settings, and tons more. 

So, are you interested in trying a newer beta version of this software on your NETGEAR WNR3500L?  Read on for simple installation instructions and a preview of what Tomato can offer. 

***Note that at this time, the available builds of Tomato that are compatible with WNR3500L are in early beta form, and as always, there is a risk involving in testing such firmware.  Features may be missing or poorly implemented, etc.***