FreshTomato-ARM by kille72 for NETGEAR Routers

Have you checked out the latest tomato builds from kille72? This is a fork from the well known Tomato by Shibby, and is available for the following NETGEAR routers:

You can download the builds in the Downloads section, and see the original thread/discussion over on


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Thanks for the efforts in

Thanks for the effort in updating FreshTomato. I am thinking to give it a try on my Netgear R8000. But i would like to know how I can roll back from Tomato to stock firmware. I did a bit search, wasn't able to find a stock firmware in .trx format. 

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Hello when you want to go

Hello when you want to go back to stock. First flashing to ddwrt and then you can flash netgear firmware that is what i could find.