A Clean release of DD-WRT or Open-WRT for the R6300 v.1

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A Clean release of DD-WRT or Open-WRT for the R6300 v.1

I just recently purchased the infamous Netgear R6300 Dual Band Router, I totally love it, however after seeing the features that the XXX-WRT firmwares support above and beyond what Netgear offers I would like to run my Router on the WRT firmware.  Now as I was looking through the blogs and comments I noticed there were  a lot of bugs in the latest versions for the R6300.  What I am interested in knowing, is there going to be a Stable, Clean version ever for the Netgear R6300 Version 1.  As I do not want to really buy another R6300 v2. Or for that matter another brand that XXX-WRT does support bug free.

My network configuration is as follows:

1. ISP  =  Verizon FiOS, Specially modded by Verizon and myself to run Ethernet over Ethernet instead of Ethernet over MoCA Thus being able to use my own router.

2. I have Internet, Video & Landline service via Verizon, the only thing the

    Verizon Actiontec is even there for is to manage the Video, I have my own router

     plugged directly to the ONT thus bypassing the Actiontec for serving up the web.

3. I run a Qnap NAS on Dual RJ45's and Cat-6 Cabling.  I have 6 Devices that run off of the

    5 Ghz Wireless at blazing fast speeds

4. I run 3 Desktops on the Wired side (1, Mac Mini - 1, i7 Gaming Power system, 1 All in

    One for my day to day business needs.

I get excellent Thruput on both the 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz Wireless bands.

I run a network attached security system on one Wired connection.

So there you have it......

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, so with that said................

Thank you all in advance for any help you can offer



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Ok, I took the leap and

Ok, I took the leap and flashed my new R6300 v2 Smart Router with the latest firmware available on this site. It works perfectly. No Brick no Problems!!

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webdevii said: Ok, I took the

webdevii said: Ok, I took the leap and flashed my new R6300 v2 Smart Router with the latest firmware available on this site. It works perfectly. No Brick no Problems!!

I'm confused.  Didn't you say you had the v1 of the R6300?  Do you know if there's a stable DD-WRT for it?  Thanks.

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At one time I hd found a

At one time I hd found a version fort v1, however I think it became too buggy and it was pulled down. The v2 is th only way to go other than the ASUS RT-AC66u which imo i a much better quality router. and ASUS supports OPN-WRT

I ended up flashing my Netgear v2's back to OEM FW and they also run fine.

From what I have been hearing that DD-WRT is shying away from netgear and will eventually not make a release for any of the new a/c/ routers.

Sorry for the confusion in the beginning.


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I think you are misinformed .

The R6300 V1 / WNDR 4500 V1/V2 are officially supported by DD-WRT.
The R6300 V2 will be supported soon. I already added detection code for it. Once I receive a R6300 V2 I'll test and complete the port.

For some updated info on support status you can look at the DD-WRT wiki:


P.S. There are builds available on this site, that already support the R6300 V2, these are not unofficial dd-wrt builds and may have a few more bugs and incomplete incompatible upgrade routines.

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can i use the v2 FW with my v1 (i presume it's v1 cuz of the usb 2 and not 3 according to specs)
if yes do i need ONLY one file or 2 as in the other v1 setup page
quite confused, truly

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Thanks a lot for all effort to make this pretty DD-WRT distribution.

I just want to use R6300 for Fiber Optic access through an ONU, so it needs support for VLAN tagging.

Does your particular distribtion support VLAN tagging?, maybe v2 too?

Thanks in advance.


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VLAN tagging is a basic

VLAN tagging is a basic feature of dd-wrt firmware. So, should be available in all dd-wrt firmwares. But I haven't tested the feature for R6300.

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I also have this router(v1)

I also have this router(v1) and the dd-wrt works fine for it. However I'd really like to run OpenWRT on it but haven't been able to yet.

Thing is, OpenWRT doesn't support this officially however people have made it work on the v1, allegedly. v2 isn't supported though, for some reason.

My question is; since the openwrt forums/IRC aren't being super helpful about this, were any of you here able to run OpenWRT on the NETGEAR R6300 v1?

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As per my knowledge is

As per my knowledge is concerned, still now there is no OpenWRT firmware for R6300v1 in this site as well as in OpenWRT site.