Help with the NightHawk...PLEASE!!!

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Help with the NightHawk...PLEASE!!!

Okay, anybody out there with these same issues? I recently bought a Netgear NightHawk AC1900 WIFI Router. I got it home, installed it, and quickly was presented with a notice at the top of the "Netgear Ginie" page. It said a Router Firmware upgrade is available. I have pushed on this notice several times. It takes me to another page and asked me if I want to upgrade now. Sure I Do! However, there is no button to confirm the decision. It does tell me all the Update Fixes. Yet, gives me no option to download. I also tried going to advanced settings, Administration, Router Update. This gives me the option to browse/upload. Tried to download what I thought was a Firmware Update to my computer from the Netgear web site. It automatically goes to a Zip-Folder and will not let me access it once I push the upload button. It states to assign the correct file, and the file format is *.chk??? Not sure what this is telling me???? HELP PLEASE! Yell 

Does this router not just update the latest versions on it's own? 

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Try unzipping the file first.

Try unzipping the file first...the file should be a chk file.

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Okay... I'll try not to sound

Okay... I'll try not to sound like a total dumbass.. But, how do you "Unzip" the thing? Sorry... I'm a Noob when it comes to all this!

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Take the chk file and drop it

Take the chk file and drop it on your desktop. Then go to Advanced Tab --> Administration --> Router Update.and browse for the file. Search the web for the firmware update.

Daniel Magnusson
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I had the same when using

I had the same when using Netgear firmware, GUI said update available but when upgrade initiated said latest installed?! Smooth programming netgear.