R7000 behind ISP ROUTER!?

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R7000 behind ISP ROUTER!?

Could anybody please answer the following question for me:

Is it possible to set the netgear R7000 up as a flashed DD-WRT router behind an ISP ROUTER?

I tried this and it did not work before.  But I do not know if it is because I was behind an ISP's ROUTER and not behind a MODEM or if I mucked up the Flashing/setup!

In my R7000 quick Install manual it only talks about an ISP MODEM.  The illustration shows a single port MODEM.


I do not have a MODEM.  I do have a number of Routers, some with WiFi some without.  What do I need?  Any help would really be appreciated.



Ron Driscoll

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The short answer is yes, but your ISP router must be a modem too (otherwise it wouldn't work.)  This applies to ADSL as well as Cable.

I have a DLink modem/router (for ADSL), and I've added a Netgear R7000 router running DDWRT.

The DLink is set to "Bridge" mode, which means my Netgear router has a connection to the ISP. The Netgear does the logon to the ISP (Telstra in this case).

I have switched off much of the DLink's routing capability because I don't need it in addition to the Netgear.  However, it still has an IP address on my LAN and I can connect to it for configuring etc.



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You will need to contact your

You will need to contact your ISP and if its possible to convert the modem/router mode to modem/bridge mode. You could also request that your ISP furniosh you with a non-router modem. Let your ISP know what you are doing and they will be able to help you.