DD-WRT "Kong Mod" Now Available for NETGEAR R7500v2 & R7800

Master developer Kong has ported his famous flavor of DD-WRT to the powerful NETGEAR R7800 and R7500v2 (along with an experimental build for the R7500v1, if that's your thing)

Grab them in our downloads section!

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Good evening , I would like

Good evening , I would like to know the default password . I can not log in anymore . I tried to do a hard reset with 30/30/30 and proven method to enter username root password admin but does not access .

Peter Redmer
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Hi magonero, the default

Hi magonero, the default login should work, but if it does not try "admin/admin" or "root/root" or other variations which may work. I'll ask Kong if the default password is different on any of the releases.

Peter Redmer
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Also, Kong's releases should

Also, Kong's releases should prompt you after the update completes for you to specify a new password. If you perform another reset and make sure it worked, then you should actually be able to specify the password you want to use.

If you are logging in via telnet, it's root/admin

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Hello ... how do I get back
Hello ... how do I get back to the stock firmware of netgear?
I tried using TFTP but the router is not recognized.
Can I have a detailed guide?
Thank you
If there are Italian contact.
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Well this firmware works

Well this firmware works flawlessly much better than the original one...

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For non broadcom models as

For non broadcom models as the R7500v2/R7800 you need a modified netgear image which can be flashed directly through dd-wrt webif


Kong sir.. I installed the fw

Kong sir.. I installed the fw for r7500v2. So far running good.. Question.. Tried to use NAS..cant open the folder that i named.. I can see it throuh my network but when i open the folder it wont let me.. Thank you for any info

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Kong - I have tried multiple

Kong - I have tried multiple times reverting to netgear firmware using the instructions as outlined in the readme.  I have downloaded the appropriate file ddwrt-to-netgear-fw r7500v2.bin.  I have used the regular ddwrt webif in the firmware area to upload this file to revert back to original FW.  However, in the process, every single time around 10 seconds into it or less, it immediately says "Update Successful -- Rebooting Router" and upon reboot it immediately restarts with dd-wrt interface and nothing has been changed.

I have tried several times without avail, each time same issue.  I have tried using Chrome / IE / Firefox.  Same issue.

Any advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated.  I am not a technical expert by any means but very familar with flashing hardware devices and using non-stock firmware.  To be honest my internet speed drop dramatically using this firmware (50 mgbs -> 7 mgbs), so right now I have given up reverting and using an older TPLINK router I had upgraded from and it is running normally.  I really wanted dd-wrt to put in restrictions on my network by MAC address ...

Thanks for your help and support.



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I'm geting the same issue,

I'm geting the same issue, unable to revert back to the stock firmware

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Again. Same issue.

Again. Same issue.

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can someone assit me with the

can someone assit me with the default username and password for the Kong image for R7800? I have tried everything I can find such as admin/admin, admin/password, root/root, root/admin, root/password and even my own password. Please assist.

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waste of time

waste of time