Updating R7000 from factory to DD-WRT

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Mick Radar
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Updating R7000 from factory to DD-WRT

Hey guys... new here and trying to research everything before jumping in.

Quick question because I'm new to changing firmware in a flash router. My reason for upgrading is for the need to set up a reliable VPN. I have had the Netgear AC1900 R7000 Nighthawk for a year or so and have only upgraded firmware from Netgear so far. Here's my specs...

- Cyberpower i7-965 w/ EVGA X58 mobo and a Realtec Onboard NIC
- Windows Vista Ultimate (64bit) OS with all updates
- R7000 with V1.0.7.6_1.1.99 firmware (latest)
- Currently get 94.50 Mbps / 6.38 Mbps on comcast cable

I have been researching upgrading to DD-WRT for the past few days and there seems to be some differences in opinions of procedure to do this properly. Found at least 3 different install procedures and would like to know which one I should follow. Here's what I found...

Instructions on DD-WRT site:


Which refers to a "Peacock Thread" here...


Also found install instructions on your site (Under Articles)...

And lastly a link that was referred to in your forums...

Can you guys please give some opinions as to which one of these procedures is the best???
Thanks in advance!

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I am also new, but have installed the latest KONG DD-WRT and flashed my R7000 with this.

I used the tweaking4fall procedure.. Download the latest .chk file from http://www.desipro.de/ddwrt/K3-AC-Arm/ (There is only one R7000 file). Disconnect from wifi. Clear cache on your browser before starting (if your router have been used take a factory reset, 30-30-30). Connect the cable from (router) port 1 to your computer and try opening Then you follow the instructions from the website I referred to. But you only need the .chk file, that includes DD-WRT and the newest firmware. Also good to download the latest stock firmware from Netgear if you want to go back.


Mick Radar
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Thanks so much for the reply

Thanks so much for the reply Stian!  Have you set VPN?