IP Traffic vs Bandwidth

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IP Traffic vs Bandwidth
I just got AdvancedTomato installed a couple of days ago and I'm loving the ability to track bandwidth usage (that was the main reason I started using your system) but I'm noticing that my Daily Bandwidth for today is showing 10.93GB and my IP traffic for today is only showing 0.98GB of traffic. These numbers are totalled up for all 13 devices on my network.
My goal was to be able to find out which devices are using the most bandwidth on my network due to data cap limitations imposed by my ISP.
Any idea why those numbers are so dramatically different?
I've got a NetGear R6400 running v3.5-140 initial128K.
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bandwidth usage is counting
bandwidth usage is counting datas between WAN and LAN/wifi only.
iptraffic is counting datas between each user from/to other hosts/vlans/wan. If you have a NAS device (in LAN or VLAN) and you will download some files from inside your network this will count as iptraffic.
If you download files from your nas outside of your network causing the data to travel through your WAN this will count as Bandwidth usage.