"This firmware file is incorrect!" R6300v2 For DD-WRT

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Hi there,

Hi there,

I have the charter / Spectrum edition R6300 V2

I installed the dd-wrt.k3_R6300V2ch.chk


I would like to change the board ID so I can have truly a stock version not related to Charter / Spectrum at all.  So I enabled telnet using Telnetenable.exe  That seems to work.  Then with Putty,  I start a session, I'm being asked for DD-wrt credentials, and it's not accepting the admin / password (default and I created them again after dd-wrt install)

Is there a different set of credentials for this firmware (dd-wrt....)?
I can login the router using a web browser using admin / password


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I think you need to login as

I think you need to login as "root" and not "admin"

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Hello World- Thanks in

Hello World- Thanks in advance for your help. Warning, I'm a total NOOB to dd-WRT and not highly technical. I can get around a router, but telnetting etc is probably a bad idea.

I have a Charter version of the Netgear R6300v2 and it has the .63CH firmware. I've followed the instructions very cloely both in this thread and from here: https://wiki.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Netgear_R6300v2

No luck. I'm getting the firmware is invalid error. I've tried latest firefox and latest safari. No luck. Just trying to get to the latest Netgear firmware.

Any advice? Thanks!

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Oh, and im trying to upload

Oh, and im trying to upload dd-wrt.K3_R6300V2CH.chk


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Your best bet is to enable

Your best bet is to enable telnet on the stock firmware, change the board id, then flash to the stock firmware for the R6300v2. I had the same dilema a while ago, and this was the only way I could get it off that horrid charter locked down firmware.

That is basically the guide I referenced. And yes I know it says ac1450 to AC1750, but the procedure is same minus you'll be doing it to an already R6300v2, just charter locked down. Also to note, I couldn't find a telnet enable here that would work, I had to get it from GitHub, because you'll need the udp version of telnetenable, specific compiled for newer Netgear units.

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Thanks jamesfo0, this worked

Thanks jamesfo0, this worked for me! Only difference was that on my R6300v2 I had to use telnetenable2 instead of telnetenable. Once the ids were reset via telnet, then I sucessfully uploaded the latest Netgear firmware for this router (v1.0.4.34). Nice.  

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Thanks jamesfo0, your

Thanks jamesfo0, your solution (with 1 modification) worked for me! The mod was that I had to use telnetenable2 (UDP payload instead of TCP) to enable telnet on the R6300v2 router. I used your commands and updated the router ids and was then able use the Netgear admin gui to update the firmware with the latest downloaded Netgear R6300v2 firmware (v.

BTW, I first tried the alternative approach of updating the firmware with dd-wrt-K3_R6300V2CH file (this was a Charter router) via the NetGear admin gui, but I got firmware incorrect errors.