Voxel FW and Link Aggregation <> Synology NAS

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Voxel FW and Link Aggregation <> Synology NAS

Hi folks!


I cannot establish the IEEE 802.3ad connection after configuring the R9000 with Voxel's FW. It worked properly with stock FW. Any thoughts, suggestions? Anyone else having the same issue? I've found posts mentioning that link aggregation is not supported on the Kong DD-WRT FW but no information about it with Voxel's FW.

I have made motifications to the FW according to Voxel's readme along with some corrections according to other forum discussions on this site (very helpful). Mainly just to establish an OVPN connection on R9000 power cycle, followed by bypassing the NAS's IP on the VPN connection.

SSH Configured, Entware installed



Netgear x10 R9000 on Voxel V1.0.4.31HF

Link aggregation bond being attemped with a Synology NAS DS918+ running DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 2 with Both systems seem stable.




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link aggregation:

link aggregation:


Sorry: cannot test this. Will be checked when I have necessary equipment.