R6400V1 - which firmware?

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R6400V1 - which firmware?

Received email from Netgear Security re firmware update.

Opened advanced - administration - router update and it said an update was available, no indicator to download and my ver is

I found a ver on Netgear website but it appears to be for R6400V2, did not install.

My router software no longer indicates there is an update available.

Which version of firmware is latest for R6400V1 router?

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Pretty sure you got the right

Pretty sure you got the right one. This one is for R6400v1: https://www.netgear.com/support/product/r6400.aspx and it has firmware released on 05/20/2021

This one is for R6400v2: https://www.netgear.com/support/product/R6400v2 which has firmware released on 12/22/2020

Personally I would put in dd-wrt here: https://download1.dd-wrt.com/dd-wrtv2/downloads/betas/2021/06-28-2021-r4...