New Update to Voxel's Custom R9000 NETGEAR Firmware (Feb 19 2019)

Voxel has once again come out with a new firmware update for the NETGEAR R9000 Nighthawk. As always, you can review the changelogs and download the update below.

Voxel's customer firmware adds functionality to customize and improve the CPU power on your Nighthawk and adds many other add-ons as well!


You can download the firmware here!


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So, I've had the NetGear

So, I've had the NetGear NightHawk X10 R9000 Router for almost two years now and its played very well. The reason I purchased it was because of the massive 4-bay, position adjustable, Wi-Fi antennas. It has super coverage to say the lease. But, for my very small, simple home network, the WEB interface application is too much (I use a iMAC and NetGear has no app for that, I refuse to use my Android phone for the app). I have a NAS, a iMAC computer, and a NeoLink security camera all hard wired via CAT 5 or a power line adapter for the camera. The rest of my network is Wi-Fi, be it TV's, Playstations, etc....My question for the forum is this...Do any of the open source R9000 flash loads offer a simpler application that the one that comes with the stock R9000...??? Also, do the any of the open source flash loads offer a application that runs on MAC...??? THANKYOU.....