Advancedtomato on Netgear R6400 openvpn client wont start

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Advancedtomato on Netgear R6400 openvpn client wont start


Have an router Netgear R6400 not v2. Have flashed in AdvancedTomato version 3.5-140

Before download that firmware I see 3 files.

I use R6400-1.28.AT-ARM-3.5-140-initial-128K.chk first after that use R6400-AT-ARM-3.5-140-AIO-128K.trx and last is there an file with name


What is that file for use openvpn client in Netgear R6400 .

Have tryed fil in my vpn providers info they have great guide I follow from begining to end of guide.

Says in my R6400 could not start.

Was seeking on google but found something but helped not me

Is here some have openvpn client in advancetomato to working and how to do that.

Hope understand my english.




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i have get that working now:

rI put these sript in my router under administration then scripts:

# So.....lets just sleep until the sysup signal or we've been up for 5 minutess.
while [ $A -gt 0 ] && [ $(cut -f1 -d"." /proc/uptime) -lt 300 ]  ; do
A=$(( $A - 1 ))
if [ -f /var/notice/sysup ] ; then  break; fi
sleep 1

after that login with putty

and start with command:

service vpnclient1 start

and filled in with info from my vpn provider and click start now.

hurry hurry