DD-WRT or Tomato

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DD-WRT or Tomato

I going to get a R6400 today super deal.

I'm a newbie here, my question is what is the best set up for an in house VPN.

I've flashed an old linksys, with no issues but it uses the micro install of DD-WRT, No Good.


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Kongac.... tomatoe was a

Kongac.... tomatoe was a serious pain in the ass. I like Kong's interface, better. I'm running build 31575.... and consider upgrading to the new release, if I can find the release notes to see what's new / fixed. 31575 has been running for 72 days with no stability issues. But that's one persons experience.

Which version of the 6400 are you getting? Version 1 for me. I've heard of challenges with certain models of Version 2. 

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Firmware: DD-WRT v3.0-r31575M
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Using Advanced Tomato: ​

I successfully flashed my R6400 with the latest AdvancedTomato
a couple months ago and it works fine so far.  We use the on/off button
to engage the WiFi when we need that, and both the 2.4 & 5 GHz
radios connect to our devices with no problems.

I have a TV on ethernet
for Netflix, and I set up a VLAN for it, following some info I found

So far I have no complaints about Shibby-style Tomato.