Kong newest (_5) DD-WRT file download

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Kong newest (_5) DD-WRT file download


Can't seem to get the _5 file to download. It was modified only yesterday (March 17 2017).Seeking" DD-WRT Kong Mod for Netgear R6400 2017-03-02".

When I click on the download link,  no download, just keeps trying to load the page, according to my browser's address bar.

Using my FF add-on ClueView, I can see that the actual  newest (zip) file is indeed named


I tried downloading outside Sandboxie, and while allowing all of the few scripts (via NoScript choices)...no effect.

Is there another place to download this file? I tried the google...perhaps my FF 47.x.x version can't handle this??

I got the .chk file okay from but can't get a  .bin/trx   file to download...are not both required? What is in that .zip file, anyway?

My thanks to anyone who is already seeking this file and knows what to do, as I have a noob's grip on this as it is :) altho I did flash Shibby's Tomato w/o bricking.

Peter Redmer
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Hm, the download is working

Hm, the download is working fine for me. Can you try in an alternate browser?

I checked and the file does indeed have "_5" appended to it; this is due to the new releases having the same file names. I'll begin renaming these with the release date to avoid confusion in the future.

The ZIP file should include the .CHK file which you can use from factory -> DD-WRT. If you are flashing from DD-WRT, you will want to use the .BIN which is available on Kong's site (linked in the download)

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Works for me too.  I'm hoping

Works for me too.  I'm hoping this firmware doesn't have the internet wireless dropping problem I had with the last firmware in January. 

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Guys, I need help, please. I

Guys, I need help, please. I wanted to try out Tomato. Upgraded my router to the latest version for my R6400. Didn't like it. Wanted to go back to Kong. So I went to an open source .bin version for the R6400. The upgrade "appeared" to have succeeded (no CRC error) but now my R6400 is apparently somewhat-bricked.

Any advice, please?

-Desperately sad

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is the orange light ust

is the orange light ust flashing ?