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KONG - Wireless

Hello, I am really impressed with the custom firmware released by KONG for the R6400.  However, wireless performance seems to be an issue.  I was only able to achieve half the speeds  I was getting on stock.  Just reporting my findings, Im willing to test/develop if needed, would really like to get this version running flawlessly.

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From dd-wrt build 30370 (2016

From dd-wrt build 30370 (2016/08/10) most wireless performance issues are solved!

I am using KONG and BRAINSLAYER newest version mixed whoever comes first. Great performance on the R6400.


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Links please? M.

Links please?


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Kong's R6400 DDWRT mod will

Kong's R6400 DDWRT mod will not flash on a 6400v2. Anyone else experienced this ? Kong claims that it works but flashing attempt returns that the firmware is incorrect, and I am using the latest posted on desipro website.