Latest Kong Mod for 6300v2 may have bricked mine

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Latest Kong Mod for 6300v2 may have bricked mine

I've flashed many routers with dd-wrt and was this time I was working on a brand new R6300v2.

Has anybody seen this problem.  

I successfully flashed the latest Kong Mod 2017-06-11  Everything was working properly until I changed a wireless WDS config and rebooted.

The router became unresponsive and I can no longer connect, even after attempting a 30/30/30 reset.

I have attempting to re-flash the firmware using TFTP but it is also failing with server not responding.

When I reboot (power down/up) the router i see the netgear logo and it is quickly followed by a brief showing of the amber light and blue wireless & USB lights, then the blue lights go off.

Then, with only the amber light on, I am able to get a ping response from the router at with a TTL=100 response, but that lasts for only 20 pings before timeouts.

This cycle is consistent regardless of which version of tftp (or tftp2) is use, what firmware I attempt to flash (stock, dd-wrt, tomato), and what ever PC I used (Windows 10 / Windows XP).

After the ping stops responding, the amber light stays on for a while, then the netgear logo blinks and the amber light turns solid green.

Can anybody suggest any other fixes before I shop for a USB cable?






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I was able to bring it back

I was able to bring it back to life using the process of flashing vmlinuz developed by Sploit and described at

I'm now back on the same version of dd-wrt v3.0-r32170M (06/11/17) and will report back if it locks me out again.

There is lots of great information out there.