Mounting USB HD (NAS) on DD-WRT?

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Mounting USB HD (NAS) on DD-WRT?


Thinking of installing DD-WRT on my R6400, and beforehand want to figure out the best way to mount a USB hard drive as a NAS on either Windows or OS X.

Skimming the generic DD-WRT docs at, a few Qs...

  • Is it possible to attach an already-formatted NTFS drive?
  • Is it super difficult to set up as samba with the Kong Mod for R6400? I'd like this to be naturally accessible in my Finder on OS X / Explorer on Windows, for instance
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i bought a r6400 today just

i bought a r6400 today just for that reason, it mounts easily enough in firmware, problem I am running into is windows 10 just WONT let you access it. I have run into this issue a few times and am going to try to use tomato instead.

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I had same problem with

I had same problem with Windows 10 initially but after playing with the settings and folder directory Windows was able to recognize.  I flashed dd-wrt so I can save videos on my NAS because stock firmware wouldn't let me.  After hours and hours, it finally saved videos after motion triggered last night. 


If you're still having trouble, maybe other people and I can make suggestions to get it work.