Question on VPN/DD-WRT

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Question on VPN/DD-WRT

I have a 6400 and want to put my VPN (blackvpn) directlly on it. Mt VPN providor has software that requires DD-WRT. I spoke with tech support @ the VPN, and they told me that this router does not support DD-WRT (I believe they checked on DD-WRT.COM. However, I searched and founf this forum and the Kong Firmware. I have 2 questions:

1) If the VPN software is compatable wuth the firmwares fron DDD-RT.COM, wiill it also be compatable with Kongs firmware?

2) I live in a large house, and got the 6400 forthe coverage (it works great for me). Will I lose coverage with the Kong firmware.

3) I'm new at this. Any other "gotchas" I should consider?


TIA!!! :-)


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I have the R6400 flashed with

I have the R6400 flashed with Kongs latest release (

Am using open vpn on this router and is working with my VPN as it should

Wireless coverage .No loss of signal compared to original netgear firmware thati could see :)