R6400v1 flashed Tomato but WiFi works very bad...

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R6400v1 flashed Tomato but WiFi works very bad...

I was just trying the Tomato FW last version and it was, more or less, well configured as Access Point in chain with my Telcom fiber operator router(orrible)
but WiFi won't work well!

I'm not and expert so I'm a little confused by the hundreds of parameters and config of this kind of FW but I thoght to have a more clear idea about WiFi...it seems not! frown I've tried to configure the WiFi as they was in my R6400 with the original FW from Netgear but both the bands work really bad....

My LG SmartTV that normally connect at 47Mbit selecting 5Ghz band(one floor up, about 5 meter distant), in the same situation and positiion, both TV and router, with Tomato FW has only 3,6Mbit ?!?!

Could Tomato misapply the antennas or the whole hardware involved in WiFi operation?!?
Someone could give me a precise configuration to use both the bands, 2,4Ghz(b/g/n) and 5GHz(a/n/ac) to obtain exactly the same results as the Netgear original FW?!? My area is Europe/Italy

Many thanks in advance.