R6400v1 VPN not connecting

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R6400v1 VPN not connecting

I successfully flashed my R6400 today, despite a pretty tense half hour where I was absolutely positive I'd bricked the poor thing. Wireless and LAN connections are all good, everything is working great.

I followed a series of instructions from my VPN provider for using the OpenVPN client on Tomato Firmware. The guide was using Advanced Tomato and an ASUS, while I am using Shibby Tomato and an R6400, but the available fields for me to fill weren't so different that it didn't make sense. 

I cannot, no matter what I do, convince the VPN service to successfully connect. 

For reference, I am using an R6400v1, with Shibby version 1.28. I can't help but notice there is occasionally a third file associated with most of these builds labeled VPN. I suspect that I need to flash to that, but being new, I'm unsure on how. Specifically, do I revert to stock Netgear firmware, flash initial, then AIO, then VPN? Do I flash straight to VPN AIO instead of USB AIO? Do I need to revert to do that?

I really don't want to brick this router, but I also really want to be behind a VPN. Help?


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Hi guys please can I have

Hi guys please can I have some help I am new here 

I have net gear R6400 and would like to flash with dd wrt please any help thab