R6400v2: ddwrt r31884 - Channel width and VHT80

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R6400v2: ddwrt r31884 - Channel width and VHT80

Just flashed R6400v2 with dd-wrt 31884.

I have two strange things:

1: Cannot change channels after setting Channel Width to HT40 and/or VHT80 (this is at 2.4 and 5GHz).

2: With NetSpot (wifi analyzer) I see the Width at 40, but I set is to VHT80. My neighbours network is 80, with a normal Ziggo router.

Thanks for supporting dd-wrt on a R6400v2

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What build are you using ?

What build are you using ? Where did you download it ? If you still have it installed...

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I had the same issue,

I had the same issue, Solution i found was to switch off both routers and then power on only the (r6400) so you can log in again and then go to repeater  mode (manual setting), SURVEY again, then swith on the router off channel and scan and select. the R6400 seems to auto channel select the channel based on the survey router that you join!....  so i had to do it a quite a few times before i got lucky. 2.4 GHz on Telstra and 5GHz on Apple timecapule. There is an option to change the chanel during the process but it checks out after asking for the counry code. So its not perfect but the easiest way the setup for dummies like myself!..