R8000 Bootlop After Flashing Tomato

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R8000 Bootlop After Flashing Tomato

Hello all. So i decided to put tomato on my R8000 i just got and everything was going fine until i had to flash the last file, then after that its on a bootlop. i have tried going into recovery mode, but dont quite know if im doing it right, i have also tried to tftp it through windows and i get connect request failed, also tried tftp 2 and nothing. just bootloop after bootloop. Really want to use this router, anybody have anny succesful suggestion or ideas to unbrick this? Thanks

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if your sure tftp is not

if your sure tftp is not working then you will need to follow this guide to get the router flashed. https://www.ianthurston.com/tech/bricked-netgear-r8000-recovery/