R8000 mode with Guest Network

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R8000 mode with Guest Network

I'd like to be able to create and use a guest network with the R8000 in AP mode.  Based on my research, it sounds like a Tomato install might do this, but I'm not sure. 

I've had some experience with dd-wrt and guest networks and it wasn't very positive.

But maybe more importantly, does anyone know if a guest network requires a specific mode on either Tomato or dd-wrt?   The stock (OEM) firmware must use Router mode, not AP mode to do this and that doesn't work in my network.

Essentially, I want to be able to use the device to do the following:  create and manage a guest network, provide wireless and wired access to clients (no nat, no firewall).  For Internet access, the device connects to a dedicated router that connects to a dedicated firewall and from there data goes to the Net.  The firewall handles NAT and some routing.  

Is this doable in any other mode than Router on either dd-wrt or Tomato?

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Well Kong has a wonderful

Well Kong has a wonderful tutorial you can do a quick search for. Assuming your using Netgear and DD-WRT. I have it running on several offices.

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