Restore Backup after Firmware Upgrade?

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Restore Backup after Firmware Upgrade?

I've got an ealier Kong version from maybe November on my R6400.  Sometimes it seems to lockup or should I say lockout a person from getting traffic on my network.  That happens when say my daughter hasn't had her laptop on for a week and decides to fire it up.  It looks connected even indicates it has internet access via windows network connection status, but no internet traffic.  I can still access the DD-WRT web page though.  Other devices that have always been connected for days or weeks seem to work fine.  It also seems at times to totally lock up where the wireless AP can't even be seen by any devices, and hardwire Eithernet connections appear to be disconnected.  The lights sill blink like it working fine, but nobodys home.  Only a full power cycle reset seems to correct both scenarios.

I'm going to upgrade to the latests Kong build, but wondering if there's a way to restore a configureation backup from a previous build?  It appears to be not recommended, but wanted to confirm.