Restoring r6400v2 to Stock Firmware

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Restoring r6400v2 to Stock Firmware

Does anyone know what is required to flash stock firmware onto the r6400v2 after flashing tathataga das's dd-wrt firmware? I've tried several times uploading it to the dd wrt interface, and several times with tftp.

How have others done it?

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Me too

Me too

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I think the firmware that

I think the firmware that Netgear posted on its OWN website actually doesn't work. That is the real issue. I peeked into the firmware file and it lists the wrong board ID on its own software. So I don't think there is a possibility to flash it back onto the router later.

v1 board ID: U12H332T00_NETGEARHDR0

v2 board ID: U12H332T20_NETGEARHDR0

The file that Netgear posted under the v2 version actually has the v1 board ID in it.

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It is important to update the

It is important to update the firmware version as if the firmware version is not updated then the system will not work properly and the system will get down and will start lagging.

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The R6400v2 accepts both

The R6400v2 accepts both board ID's. There is also Board ID: U12H332T30_NETGEAR. HDR0 is the beginning of the .trx file.
With KONG firmware all you have to do is burn an original netgear .chk file. there is no back to stock.