Return to Stock (Wireless stops functioning)

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Return to Stock (Wireless stops functioning)

Hi, I was running into an odd problem and was wondering if anyone had seen this before.

I was returning an R7800 from kong back to stock (which i've done on at least 2 other R7800 units without issues).

For some reason on this one, the wireless will not transmit once back to stock (no visible or hidden ssid).

i flashed over to brainslayers build and the wireless works there too.

i tried erasing manually in ssh

erase linux


then in tftp i put the netgear firmware back on

that way didn't work either.... so i wasn;t sure what to try next

(on the other 2 that reverted back to stock fine, the web gui with kong dd-wrt-to-netgear worked fine).


wireless starts working again if i reflash dd-wrt... but every time i take it back to stock it stops functioning (everything else seems normal).

thanks for any help.

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Hi. I've been testing Kong's

Hi. I've been testing Kong's DD-WRT in my R7800 and when I turn back to stock firmware I have encountered the same problem.

I think that some var in nvram is corrupt, but I don`t know what.

If I find the solution, I put here.



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That's the trick:

That's the trick:

After returning from DD-WRT to stock firmware:

1) enable telnet:

2) format overlay partition: mtd erase overlay_volume

3) hard reset

Seen in

Thanks to lobyte!!!


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Enable telnet: http://192.168
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Nowadays, such situations

Nowadays, such situations occur, you have to get used to it.



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The default router login

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Hi, I'm encoutering what I

Hi, I'm encoutering what I think is the same issue - but when I do mtd erase overlay_volume I get a "Could not open mtd device: overlay_volume" message