Seperating Wireless from Wired using DD-WRT and an R7000

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Seperating Wireless from Wired using DD-WRT and an R7000


I have a R7000.  I would like to seperate the Wireless network from the Wired.  I do not want my wireless devices to have access to any of my wired devices.  I have read various articles and nothing seems to work correctly. 

I have tried latest versions of both the Kong Mod and DD-WRT version with no luck. 

Any guidance would be appreciated.



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Nothing?  Anything?

Nothing?  Anything?frown

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Okay, I believe I figured it

Okay, I believe I figured it out on my own.  Now I would like some feedback on if what I did was correct.  These settings seem to isolate my wired connections from my wireless connections.  Any feedback would be appreciated.

Go to the Setup->Networking tab

  • Under Port Setup, modify Network Configuration for eth1 or whatever your wireless is.
    • Set Bridge Assignment to Unbridged
    • Set Net Isolation to Enable
  • Under DHCPD, add a new DHCP server for eth1
    • DHCP1     eth1     On     Start     100     50     3600

Go to the Wireless tab

  • Under Wireless Physical Interface wl0
    • Set Wireless SSID Broadcast to Enable
    • Observe that Network Configuration should be set to Unbridged
    • Observe that Net Isolation should be set to Enable

Go to the Wireless->Wireless Security tab

  • Set Security Mode to WPA2 Personal
  • Set WPA Algorithms to AES
  • Set your WPA Shared Key to a very good password

Go to the Wireless->WLO-Advanced tab

Change AP Isolation to Enable

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Maybe this is not the correct

Maybe this is not the correct place to post this question.  Can someone please tell me where I can post this to get some feedback?  Thanks.smiley