Serious issue with R6400v2 and DD-WRT

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Serious issue with R6400v2 and DD-WRT

At this time, because of the faulty model detection with DD-WRT and Netgear R6400v2, I can not recommend installing DD-WRT on this router. I am reposting my comment that I made somewhere else in the forum... installing DD-WRT on top of DD-WRT (especially that "new" brainslayer build) will probably cause loss of either 2.4 or 5 Ghz radio.

"The very issue is that DD-WRT is detecting the R6400v2 as a 7000P. This
is not just a cosmetic issue, it is a HUGE problem. For that very
reason almost everything that is done to the router within DD-WRT can
cause HW issues and/or loss of vital router information. Because DD-WRT
thinks that it is operating on a 7000P it addresses the router as such,
and that is the root of all evil. The 6400v2 and the 7000P have a
different memory/chipset configuration so as soon as DD-WRT starts to
write to the memory or operates the radio it can lead to problems. There
is one exception: The first time you go from factory to DD-WRT the
original settings are carried over and the build will operate normally.
Going from DD-WRT to DD-WRT is however a risk and will most probably
lead to a partially functioning router. I suspect that erasing NVRAM is
dangerous for that very same reason."

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I gather this would apply to

I gather this would apply to the 6700v3 as well?  It detects as a 7000P too.

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The 6400v2 and the 6700v3 are

The 6400v2 and the 6700v3 are identical. It's just another one of those Netgear ploys. ;) So, yes I would assume the reaction is similar. I've tried several builds and at first I thought the wrong identification is merely a nuisance but it seems to have implications that run a lot deeper. I read in another forum that people have been submitting trouble tickets for this already... but to my knowledge it has not been adressed so far. At this point I am going to hold off on trying other builds until I see something that fixed the issue.

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Can confirm. I have the same

Can confirm. I have the same issue here with my router. It's very frustrating. I've managed to get stock firmware back on my router through a very lengthy and tedious process that I will detail later. Hoping this can be fixed in some way. 

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The famous Kong has developed

The famous Kong has developed a test build, with a fix for the model detection... official version coming soon. Test version can be downloaded at if you feel adventurous... I've seen the test builds getting updated a few times so a solid release should be out soon.

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I habe experiencia the same

I have experienced the same issue and since I have updated to the  DD-WRT version from the dd-wrt website I cannot even upgrade or downgrade. All firmware updates are loaded or get stucked at 1% or 0%. I am also not able to load the Netgear stock firmware.

while trying to upload the Astrill applet I get the error message /temp/astrillvpn: permission denied. Astrill said: get your firmware fixed first.

@JPDrake how did you got the stock firmware installed again?



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Check out this page... it has install guides at the beginning

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Hey all, not sure if the

Hey all, not sure if the official builds are working for anyone yet, or not. I was reading and figured out how to return to the stock firmware. I posted my method. PM me or post if there's any confusion. 

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The Kong version in the test

The Kong version in the test folder at will work and identify the router correctly. Also, new versions of the brainslayer ddwrt are supposed to have the corrected model detection as well. Those should be safe to use.