Unable to go back to Netgear firmware from DD-WRT (r7800)

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Unable to go back to Netgear firmware from DD-WRT (r7800)

Hello everyone,

I got my self a R7800 and flashed it to DD-WRT, but I've tried to go back to netgear because I'm having some internet issues and it will flash and say its successful but end up still on DD-WRT. 

I used this file from the firmware website  "ddwrt-netgear-R7800"  Is there something that I'm doing wrong?


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Did you revert to stock using

Did you revert to stock using:


Don't forget to read and execute the instructions of the FAQ file in this directory.


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After having flashed Kong's

After having flashed Kong's DD-WRT, I forcefully bricket my R7800 (pulling the plug while I was flasing the "ddwrt-to-netgear-fw-R7800.bin" from the above link).
Yes, other than one or two blinking lights, it was a great paperwieght for a few minutes.


Using the above method to flash the same image (ddwrt-to-netgear-fw-R7800.bin) my router was resuscitated.


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if the gui version of tftp2

if the gui version of tftp2 fails which happens sometimes, initiate the transfer from a cmd window "tftp -i put r7800xxxx.img" replace r7800xxxx.img with the actual firmware name, minus the quotes