unable to ssh or telnet in - tomato

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unable to ssh or telnet in - tomato

Hi have recently installed tomato on my wgr614l nd everything is working very well. Its a great tool.


I am however having problems trying to telnet and ssh into my router. With telnet:

telnet -l root

and I get.....

Connected to router.
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

and in the logs i get ------  user.err telnetd: All terminals in use!


and SSH (after I copied my key which works on all my other machines)

 Permission denied (publickey).

 and the router logs.......

authpriv.info dropbear[2850]: Child connection from
authpriv.warn dropbear[2850]: login attempt for nonexistent user from
authpriv.info dropbear[2850]: exit before auth: error reading: Connection reset by peer
Does the owner of the key have to have an account on the router to enable login ?
How do I add a user to the router if I cannot log in. I cannot see a place to do this via the gui.... 







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Hi ,

Hi ,
In case of telnet it seems that you have reached the limit as far as no. of ptys are concerned.
Count the no. of ptys in /dev directory by giving the following command :

# ls /dev/pty* | wc -l

If you have reached the maximum limit then you can add new ones using the following commands :
# cd /dev
# ./MAKEDEV pty(N)

where N is a number corresponding to the pty batch:

0 = ptyp0...ptypf
1 = ptyq0...ptyqf

And for ssh plz check if you have following files or not:
/etc/nsswitch.conf and /lib/libnss_*.

all the best ...