v11793 of DD-WRT for the WGR614L just posted!

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Peter Redmer
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v11793 of DD-WRT for the WGR614L just posted!

Courtesy of twindragon6, this new build (both in CHK and BIN) formats) has been posted to the Downloads section.


Give them a try and post your experiences here. twindragon reports that so far, they're working just fine!

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thats great ... will

thats great ... will definitely give it a try ..

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I just tried svn11793

I just tried svn11793 (standard no-kaid build) out and it seems to be working just great. I've got wireless and DHCP setup fine and SSH/HTTP tunneling is allowing me to surf the internet from office through the router at home.

Faced a few problems though.

1. After the setup was done and all was working fine I had turned of the router for the night. The next day all the settings were gone. I had done both a "Apply Settings" and a "Save", but it still happened. I had to put all my settings once more but since then it has't mysteriously disappeared again. 

2. After a Hard 30/30/30 reset, IE would't be able to load the webui. I had to use Firefox to change the password, power cycle the router and only then does IE work. 

3. The webui access is quite a bit slow when connecting from office.

Apart from that, everything is working alrite.