Wireless has stopped working.

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Wireless has stopped working.

The wireless on my router has stopped working. 


I can sometimes establish a connection, but once I do I cannot communicate with anything on the network, if I can even get a connection in the first place. This same phenomenon happens with all my wireless devices. The wired connections work fine. 


I'm using DD-WRT. I seem to have tried everything. From doing a 30/30/30 reset to upgrading my router firmware to messing with wireless configurations. 


I need wireless but it seems the only option is to buy a new router. I want to get a good DD-WRT router, but I don't want to buy another WNR3500L again if it is just going to break like the first one. 


Please help. 

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Can please tell which DD-WRT

Can please tell which DD-WRT firmware are you using?
Are you having the same problem with stock firmware too?