6400v2 Bootloop; 'Connect request failed" with tftp

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6400v2 Bootloop; 'Connect request failed" with tftp

First off, I got this router used, but it was working when I first booted it up. Never satisfied unless I mess with the stock firmware cuz stock is just boring. With plenty of experience flashing dd-wrt for the past decade, I figured it was fairly cut and dried. Well, it's now in a bootloop and I can't seem to get it to do anything. The red power light comes on, the others flash once (as normal boot), then activity on jack 1... and then it reboots. The whole process is happening within 30 seconds. Just boots over and over. Am I just SOL or is there a trick to getting this back to factory specs?

I also tried holding the reset button, but same thing. Any help would be appreciated. was hoping to have this thing setup with a network for my employees and then a restricted guest net for customers. Pretty hard to do that with a bootloop, lol.

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I have used this, may be

I have used this, may be worth a try:  https://lancelhoff.com/how-to-fix-a-bricked-linksys-router/

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What exactly were you trying

What exactly were you trying to flash ? Older firmware for the 6400v2 was flawed. Causes router to brick. Only use latest Kong or Brainslayer.