R6400v2 Board ID question

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R6400v2 Board ID question

Hi All,

I have just unboxed a new R6400v2 this past weekend. I have read numerous posts and tutorials as to how to flash the dd-wrt firmware.

A major cautionary note is indicated that you should flash the device only after correctly knowing the Board ID. After variaous attempts at reading my Board ID I was able to do so: board_id=12H332T30_NETGEAR. The stock firmware is: R6400v2-V1.0.2.60_10.0.44. After downloading a backup copy from Netgear's site and looking at the board ID within that file I find this "12H332T00_NETGEARHDR0". Downloading the lastest Netgear firmware from their site for the device is: R6400v2-V1.0.4.82_10.0.57, examination of the board ID is again "12H332T00_NETGEARHDR0".

So what firmware should I use to flash my device, I don't want to brick the router? Given that what I read through Telnet is 12H332T30_NETGEAR, I would be inclined to think that this is what I should use, however both of the manufacturers firmwares point to 12H332T00_NETGEAR which technically is not listed for the R6400v2 model.

Any suggestions and clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!

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The board_id 12H332T30 is the correct board ID for the R6400v2. Both the R6400 v1 and R6400v2 use board ID 12H332T00 in STOCK NETGEAR firmware. The "HDR0" is actually the first 4 bytes of the internal .trx file and not part of the board id. I am not sure if DD-WRT uses the same firmware for both or not. FreshTomato does have seperate firmware for each one.