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Web Interface Slow


I've been using DD WRT for a few years now on my R6400. 

The web interface always slows down to a crawl after enabling https. 

Each tab you click causing the interface to reload and each reload takes up to 10-20 seconds to load. (maybe more, haven't wipped out my timer)

I am currently running "DD-WRT v3.0-r37015M kongac (09/23/18)", but has always occured.

I have attempted using other browers, firefox seemed to work slightly better one time but not much. 

I am currently running Brave and Chrome browsers on linux. 

No desire to switch to windows to manage my router interface. Can't remember last time I checked on windows if ie worked any better. 

Has this been brought up before? Any ideas why this occurs? 

If it's a known browser issue is there a fix?


Thanks peoples. 


I moved from the dev builds

I moved from the dev builds to kong and the webui is super slow for me too, on the 6/8 summer build on a r6400v2.