Wan speeds are horrible.. please help

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Wan speeds are horrible.. please help

I have just installed DD-WRT kongs on my R9000.   my goal is/was to use openvpn.


before install I was constantly able to acheive 400+Mbps to www.fast.com

After DD-WRT install I am lucky to acheive 96Mbps to www.fast.com without the VPN enabled and with enabled its 30-40Mbps to www.fast.com


when I put another (old router) on the network I am able to acheive the 400+Mbps so I know at the same point in time my ISP service is not the issue.  

Has anybody else experienced such a huge drop in wan performance?  I have not done any optomizations other htan change the wifi from 20 to 80MHz. 

Please help... :(

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I'm having the same issue but

I'm having the same issue but doesn't look like anyone can assist with this issue.  Did you ever find a solution?


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Guys, Kong's firmware is old.

Guys, Kong's firmware is old.  You guys need to ugrade with newer firmware from Brainslayer.  Brainslayer continued the work on R9000.  Search on the DD-WRT forums.