EX6200 V1: bricked DD-WRT Firmware with Update

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EX6200 V1: bricked DD-WRT Firmware with Update

Hi Guys,


I was stupid enough to try to update my very old DD-WRT Firmware with the recommended latest build: https://dd-wrt.com/support/router-database/?model=EX6200_v1 v3.0 Beta Build 40559. I used to work very well, but now the device is basically a network switch. I cannot acces it via the web interface (previously it was only beeing used as an accesspoint and had a set ip.) I tried to do a factory reset, but it seems, that it does not do anything (pressed the reset button for a minute). The 30-30-30 method forces the router to reboot, but no chance to reach it. 


Any suggestions?






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Had exact same issue,

Had exact same issue, updating from an old DD-WRT firmware to the version listed, seemed to brick my device.  Should've done mroe research and stuck with a kong build ratehr than native dd-wrt.

Ordering a ucb - rs232 cable to see if I can get it working agaiin

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This exact thing happend to

This exact thing happend to me, any solutions?