Voxel openvpn server custom config

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Voxel openvpn server custom config

Hi everyone I am new in voxel, my question is there any detail guide to setup openvpn server with custom config like changing the cipher etc

i can success with custom cert, but I cannot find any info to change the config file .for fine tuning, can anyone help?

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You have to edit the file

You have to edit the file




it generates OpenVPN server configs. You can change this to your own custom settings. Lines in this file such as:

dh $dh
ca $ca
cert $cert
key $key
dev tap0
server-bridge nogw
proto ${proto}4
port $port 
keepalive 10 120
verb 3
mute 5
log-append /tmp/openvpn_log
writepid /tmp/openvpnd.pid
status /tmp/openvpnd.status
mtu-disc yes
topology subnet
script-security 2
ncp-ciphers AES-128-GCM:AES-256-GCM:AES-128-CBC:AES-256-CBC
cipher $cipher
auth sha1
client-connect "$push tap"
sndbuf $sndbuf
rcvbuf $rcvbuf
push "sndbuf $sndbuf"
push "rcvbuf $rcvbuf"